“So Happy” dropping October 5th

RJ’s new song “So Happy” will be released on Monday, October 5th with the music video to follow on Monday, October 12th!

“So Happy,” features KC Wavey and Rhyan Lamarr, and is an upbeat song RJ created to inspire and to show people they are beautiful inside and out no matter what others say. The concept of the song came to RJ as he heard a story on the news about a kid with special needs being bullied so bad that he was contemplating ending his own life. With RJ being in a dark place himself after losing his job and almost everything he had a few years ago, he knows what it feels like to be depressed and could identify with how this young child was feeling. Depression comes from many different places with bullying being a huge contributor, and RJ wanted to use his voice to help those being bullied stay strong and let them know they are not alone.

After letting the news story sink in, the first thing that came to RJ’s mind were the words “I’m so happy to be alive, I’m so happy to open my eyes” and the rest of the song just came together. RJ hopes the message in this song can give hope to those that are being bullied to stay positive and ignore the negative messages coming from others and also help curb bullying by showing how detrimental it can be to others.

Preview and Pre-save “So Happy” by CLICKING HERE → https://unitedmasters.com/m/sohappy

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