CHICAGO, IL…March 18, 2019…Inspirational Chicago artist, RJ Griffith, has teamed up with the production staff from the feature film Canal Street for a creative collaboration on his new music video, “God Bless Our Enemies.” The video, which was also inspired by the Canal Street movie, shows us that we should not underestimate the power of prayer even for those that can be considered our enemies, and the reference of the two brothers’ in the video symbolizes the senseless murders of our brothers and sisters that take place on the streets of Chicago daily.

The song itself was released on RJ’s first EP titled Prey in October 2016, but recently caught the attention of Canal Street’s Director, Rhyan Lamarr. “God Bless Our Enemies” was originally expected to be on the Canal Street soundtrack, but because of a political lyric that couldn’t be cleared in time, the song unfortunately missed the cut. However, Lamarr loved the song so much he wanted to be involved in the creation of a music video for it. That’s when he brought in Chris Jamerson, who was also on the production team for Canal Street, to direct it.

Jamerson’s direction and shooting style really brought the song to life. The video features a man (RJ), who has lost touch with his twin brother (played by RJ’s real life twin, Julian Griffith) for years after he had wandered down the wrong path, only to be reminded by a friend (Canal Street Director/Writer, Rhyan Lamarr) that he should continue to keep his brother in his thoughts and prayers even though they’ve had their differences. The “immoral” twin (Julian) attempts to break into a car and doesn’t realize it is his brother’s (RJ’s) until it’s too late and he takes a shot at him. Luckily the shot misses and the two brothers are reunited putting their differences aside through faith and the power of prayer.

Although the video turned out amazing, the song itself (featuring hip-hop artist B. Woods) had also received glowing reviews. Popular music blog, Sleeping Bag Studios, had this to say about it, “RJ seems to have sensed the added pressure to rise to the occasion once again – and he’s never sounded more into it or more electrifying than does on “God Bless Our Enemies.” Extremely clever vocal-edits and backing layers keep this song moving sharply through R&B, Hip-Hop and electro-soul sounds that dynamically connect, shift and transition with bold precision – this is a gigantic tune and could certainly be a hit for Griffith with its explosive energy.”
For more information and to connect with RJ, you can visit his official website www.rjgriffith.com and find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud @rjgmusic.

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About RJ Griffith:
RJ creates music to spread positivity around the world and to encourage people to chase their dreams. In just over two years he has had one of his songs sync licensed into a movie, opened for a Billboard #1 artist, performed the National Anthem at the White Sox game, performed on National TV, had his song “Good Day” featured on ABC 7 News, has multiple songs in radio rotation on two Chicago radio stations (Rejoice 102.3 and 106.3 Chicago’s R&B) and was also invited to speak and perform at the POP (Project Outreach & Prevention) on Youth Violence Fundraiser, the Developing a Better You Annual Teen Conference, multiple Obama Foundation events, school assemblies and anti-bullying conferences. These are some of RJ’s accomplishments thus far and his goal is to continue inspiring people to chase their dreams and also to help curb bullying and depression with positive music and events.


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